Dental Implants

The Implant Procedure

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conventional =  implant placement in mature bone , typically 3-4  months after the tooth extraction.

Stage I surgery  – the gum is lifted back to place the implant in bone. The gum is then sutured around the implant. Then the implant heals for 2-3months while bone grows on the surface of the titanium (osseointegration).

Integration verification  – after 2-3 mos healing Dr. French takes an x-ray and tests the implant for integration to the bone. If the case was done with a bone graft then a minor re-opening surgery may be included at this visit.  In some cases Dr French may also provide the abutment at this time.

Restorative  –  your dentist prepares an abutment ( connection between implant-crown) and places the final crown.



This protocol is typically used for implants at single rooted teeth (bicuspids and front teeth) and can also be used in full arch cases but it is not usually used for molars (back teeth).  For immediate placement there should be no infection present and good quality bone around the extraction socket. The advantage is the time to completion is reduced but it does have potential to increase complication rates.

Stage 1 surgery –  the tooth is extracted and the implant is placed in the socket and beyond to engage solid bone. The gum is then placed just adjacent the implant. The bone then is allowed to heal for 3months (osseointegration).  In some cases if the implant is very stable then an immediate crown can be provisionally placed.

Integration verification visit – Dr. French then takes an x-ray and tests the implant to be sure it is integrated.

Restorative visit  –  at your dentist  who places the abutment and the final crown.