Update March 1, 2022

Consistent with the standards and guidelines set by AHS, our dental office will still require masking.

Please be courteous and wear your mask during your visit. If you do not have a mask, our office will be happy to provide one for you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do you have an upcoming appointment with Dr. French? Please fill out this online Covid19 Screening and Dental Consent form the evening prior to your appointment.


HEPA & UV-C air filtration


Full cover respirators (max-air CAPR) also worn by our Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants


Closed in treatment rooms for aerosol control.


How we are trying our best for a safe environment

+ mandatory mask use for all staff and patient while in the office space.
+ strict hand hygiene protocols and spacing in waiting room to ensure physical distance.
+ one-use gowns worn during procedures.
+ closed in treatment rooms for aerosol control.
+ room air clearance systems with HEPA & UV-C air filtration so room air is 99% disinfected in under 10 minutes.
+ Full cover respirators (max-air CAPR) worn during aerosol procedure,  the same as seen on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which exceeds the N95 protection level. On top of their regular PPE, our clinic hygienists also wear full cover respirators.
+ room misting during room turnover with HOCl, a powerful oxidant that is 100x more effective than bleach but is safe enough for our staff and patients. For more information about Hypochlorous Systems, please visit Echolox Tech.

An Approach to Aerosol Management during COVID19 by Dr. David French. Produced by the Canadian Dental Association for the CDA Oasis Newsletter.


Dr David French is still and always available for emergency dental care. If you have a Dental Emergency please call 403-247-8656 for directions. Dr David French will then contact you and manage your dental emergency.



If you have a dental emergency but also have;

  • COVID-19 symptoms ( fever, cough, shortness of breath);
  • Exposure  to a known or suspected COVID-19 person;
  • In quarantine due to exposure or travel history;

then call our office. Dr. French will then screen your Dental Emergency and assist with referral to special clinics that are designed to reduce the risk to healthcare workers while providing emergency dental care.


Health Link 811

If you need advice as to whether you require COVID19 testing, please call Health Link at 811. Help is available 24/7.

Alberta Dental Association

Please visit the ADA website to read more about what dental professionals are doing to protect their patients.