Research by Dr French on Dental Implants


1)  Straumann Dental Implant Survival  With 4591 implants evaluated 1-10 years and published in the world’s leading dental implant journal, this is one of the largest reports from a  single centre ever published. This is of substantial value regarding implant survival factors that affect failure.

implant survival curve


2)  The Relationship Between Crestal Bone Level and Soft Tissue Condition. Retrospective cohort study of 4591 Straumann implants .   this paper introduces a novel soft tissue index the “implant mucosal index”  to relate bone loss at implant sites over time relative to soft tissue inflamation scores.  (  I-JOMI  Dec 2016 )

3)  Zirconia Abutment Paper  Zirconia abutments are the part of the implant that transfers from bone to crown,  these ceramic abutments are more eshtetics but some designs have higher failure rates. Dr French has published one of the few long term >5 year reports on this technology.


4) Tri-factorial Classification System for Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation Based on a Retrospective Analysis of 926 Implants Followed up to 10 years.   QUINTESSENCE,  June 2015  full article  click hereOSFE classification

osfe class 

5) Eight year clincal follow up in grafted bone  This case reports describes long term follow up of a severe ridge atrophy case with excellent long term result following bone graft with autogenous bone. click for abstract

6) Case report on novel implant design   This implant was designed for immediate loading in esthetic zones. We report on a case and show techniques for chairside temporization.  available on request. 

tapered scallop implant

7) Survival and Success Rates of Short Straumann Implants Placed in the Mandible: A Retrospective Study with up to 5 Year Follow-Up.  Global Journal or Oral Science 2015 click for full article 

image screen shot





8) Survival and success rates of ostoetome sinus floor elevation (OSFE) without added bone grafting:  up to 10 year follow-up.     IJPRD 2016  This paper  offers a less invasive alternative to grafted sinus lift procedures. click here for abstract 

osteotome sinus elevation


9)  Clinical Retrospective Study of Self-reported Penicillin Allergy on Dental Implant Failures and Infections.  full text study qi-penicillin-2016   This landmark study is the largest  cohort studied in one center on this topic, we found a 3 x implant failure rate and a 10 x infection rate,  we advise allergy testing before any complex cases



 IN PRESS  ( title only until publication) 


RESEARCH SUBMITTED  ( title only until publication) 

1) Retrospective cohort study of 4591 Straumann implants Part 3. Evaluation of various thresholds for peri-implantitis and risk factors for bone loss. in submission COIR

2)  Up to 10-year retrospective study of 1087 implants with anodized surface placed in private practice: univariate and multivariate analysis for risk factors associated with failure.  in re- submission 

3) Up to 10-year retrospective cohort study of 1087 implants with anodized surface placed in private practice: long term relationship between bone levels and soft tissue health.  in re- submission 

4)Case report: Long-term follow up, 10 year,  of a cross-arch implant-supported fixed restoration in a patient with generalized aggressive periodontitis and parafunctional habits.    in re-submission

RESARCH IN PROCESS  ( pending titles & submission ) .

1) Restrospective cross sectional study of proximal contact status , impact on bone and soft tissue, review of 9600 implant sites.