On your first visit you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff. They will invite you to fill out a medical history for your safety, and also your insurance information so we can help with your benefits.

Please look at the map on our website and come 20 minutes early to allow you time to fill out forms or you print them fill them out at home at your convenience and bring them with you.

You will then meet our trained dental assistants who will help to clarify the reason for your visit. They will review examples of similar cases and procedures and will outline pertinent information applicable to your specific case. Dr. French will then perform a detailed comprehensive exam including oral pathology screening, periodontal probing, and esthetic and functional occlusal analysis (assess your bite). Dental radiographs may be taken using digital xrays that have 90% lower dose than conventional film. We also have a digital 3-D tomography machine which can be used on the day of the exam to view your jaw as a 3 dimensional model and help us more accurately plan for implant placement. Dr. French will then review the diagnosis with you and also outline options for treatment. Our reception staff can then once again help with insurance submission and provide you with an estimate for the treatment options.

A typical visit takes over an hour so please plan your schedule to allow you time to get the most of your visit. Parking is free and there is plenty available including underground parking with elevator access. It can be a bit tricky to find us within Market Mall so please download the map on our homepage or ask our receptionist for directions.