Dr. David French is a Registered Specialist in Periodontics and services Calgary with the placement of dental implants and the treatment of periodontal disease.

He practices a full scope of periodontal procedures including aesthetic surgical treatment to regenerate gum and bone.  Dr. French believes in the benefits of mutltidisciplinary care. He collaborates with referring dentists and with medical specialists, radiologists, orthodontists and prosthodontists. His interest in biomedical science, practical approaches to treatment planning and genuine concern for his patient’s wellness all contribute to his passion for the fields of periodontics and dental implants. This passion and keen interest has led Dr French to publish several research papers in the field of dental implants.

Dr. French has experience with the major research proven dental implant systems therefore he is able to choose the implants well suited for various individual case requirements.

Dr French tracks outcomes to assist patients with evidenced based decision making.

His Periodontal office has a calm atmosphere and is equipped to diagnose and treat a full range of cases from conservative care up to complex surgical procedures. Dr. French along with his friendly and professional staff will strive to make your visit a comfortable and positive experience. For more information please call 403.247.8656.

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